This section contains links to the games referenced or described in the book.

And then there were none is an adventure game adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel.

Bookworm is a puzzle game in which players have to make words within a time limit.

The Bonte Room is a point-and-click game in which the player has to escape from a locked room.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the first in a series of games based on the popular television show, in which players must search crime scenes and analyse evidence in order to solve cases.

Guild Wars is a massively multiplayer online role playing game in which the player has to work with others to complete quests in order to progress.

In Memoriam uses a combination of game and 'real world' elements, such as web sites and email communication.

iSketch is an online multi-player game in which players have to guess what drawings are meant to represent.

Kingdom of Loathing is an online multiplayer role-playing game that shows that high quality graphics are not essential for good game play.

The Longest Journey is a graphical adventure game in which players solve a variety of puzzles to uncover the mystery.

Mini Golf is a two-player online game in which players undertake a round of mini-golf against each other.

Nancy Drew and the Crystal Skull is one of a series of adventure puzzle games based on the Nancy Drew characters.

Neverwinter Nights is a role playing game that allows players to make and share extensive modifications.

Notpron is a single-player puzzle game, which describes itself as ‘the hardest riddle available on the Internet’ and consists of a series of puzzles of increasing difficulty that the player has to solve to progress through different levels of the game.

RuneScape is an online multi-user fantasy role-playing game in which the player can navigate around and interact with the environment, objects and other players in order to solve quests and progress through the game.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silver Earring is a graphical adventure game in which Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have to solve puzzles, search for clues and interrogate suspects in order to solve the mystery.

Sleuth is an online detective game where the player has to solve mysteries by searching locations for clues, gathering evidence and talking to suspects in order to solve a number of cases that gradually increase in difficulty.

Typer Shark teaches touch typing while zapping sharks against the clock.