Chapter 7 : Assessing the Impact of Digital Games on Learning

In this chapter I discuss issues associated with assessing the impact of digital games on learning from two different angles. The first section looks at how games can be formally assessed and appropriate ways to undertake assessment. The second section looks at ways in which the impact on learning can be researched and assessed.


Densombe, M. (2002). Ground Rules for Good Research: A 10 Point Guide for Social Researchers. Maidenhead: Open University Press: excellent and accessible for anyone wanting to carry out research into teaching and learning.

Robson, C. (2002). Real World Research. Malden, MA: Blackwell: I highly recommend this as an introduction to research.


This document (questionnaire.doc) provides a paper-based version of the engagement questionnaire.


Designing an assessment activity: Using the mapping of learning objectives to game activities undertaken in Chapter 6, develop an assessment plan for each of the objectives.

Comparing your engagement during different activities: Using the engagement questionnaire, compare your levels of engagement for two different activities.