Chapter 6 : Designing a Digital Game for Learning

In this chapter I introduce some pedagogic design considerations, describe guidelines for the development of learning games for higher education and present a method for developing a game concept specification.


This document (mapping.doc) provides a grid for mapping learning objectives to game activities.

This document (conceptspec.doc) provides a framework for specifying a game concept.


Mapping learning objectives: For an existing set of learning objectives, consider the learning activities that would typically take place, and map them on to gaming activities.

Specifying a game concept: Building on the contextual analysis undertaken in Chapter 5, work through a series of questions provided to specify a game concept for a particular learning and teaching situation.

Screen Shots

iSketch provides an example of multiple simultaneous players (image reproduced with permission of

Mini Golf allows two players to play together (image reproduced with permission of Electrotank, Inc.)